Friday, December 31, 2010

Day One: 01/01/11


Amy from BBC brings us a Christmas card with an appropriately named cousin.

Thank you, Amy!

Picture makes the blog slightly awkward, but that's just like me so it works.

Update 12/31/10

Here we are on the eve of 2011...while I appreciate 2010 bringing me a healthy baby & great friends, I'm not too sad to see it go.

Of course, I'm also excited that in a few hours I'll be posting our first day of Joel.

I really appreciate all the submissions. As of now, we've got enough to take us through January. I will be posting them in no particular order, though I will try to keep any holiday related ones around those holidays, so our first few days will be Christmas-ish themed pictures.

I'm sorry if I'm unable to reply to emails, it's been crazy & I do alot using my phone, which makes typing a pain, especially if I'm sending several emails. But, like I said, please know I appreciate all of them. I sat here smiling more & more as I went through uploading submissions this evening. I'm really looking forward to sharing them all with you.

People have asked if I would mind if they shared this project/link with their readers, friends, etc., & the answer to that is a big yes! And again, if you'd like to share any info about yourself, blog, link, etc., please include them with your submission so I can share it with the picture when it's posted. I'm a nerd, I like back story. Also, if you'd like to share any pictures of the work in progress, please do! I got some great pictures from one kind person whose little boy created the artwork with Joel's name & I'll share any of those pictures as well.

In short, you people rock my socks. If I, you know, wore socks.

See you officially in a few hours!

Thursday, December 23, 2010

365 Days With Joel: A Project

So(that’s my favorite word)…who wants to help out with a special project?

I’ve come up with a neat idea. Neat to me, that is. I’ve had some very nice people take various pictures that involve Joel. His name places, places with the name Joel in them…Joel related. I really enjoy them. They make me happy & I think it’s neat (maybe that’s my favorite word) to have pictures from different people from different places who think “this reminds me of them” or “I think I’ll do this for them.” I’ve also discussed the fact that so many people in real life seem to be scared to even utter his name. I’d like to change that, while at the time expanding this neat thing.

For this, I bring you 365 Days With Joel.

It’s a blog, devoted to this project.

It’s a easy, yet special & meaningful project. And I can’t do it…I need help. Hence the name “project.”

So I’m asking you peeps out there…baby loss peeps, real life peeps, or just peeps that enjoy this blog or us in general…help me make this happen.
I’m requesting people to take part in this to give us something special. I’d like people to take pictures that are Joel related.

For example, here is Joel Street our friend Valarie took.


Or here is Joel in the snow by Bethany.


Anything will work, your imagination is the limits. It doesn’t have to be anything fancy, his name on a piece of paper in your back yard. It can be something like written in the snow or sand. It can be his name on your kids easel. Or it can be places that happen to have his name. There is no wrong way to do this. You can do the same thing as other people have. You can do one, you can do 50, there isn't a limit or rule book. Everything will be appreciated & enjoyed.

Everyday, I’ll share one of the pictures on his blog so everyone can see what people have done. The goal is to have all the pictures collected & around the end of 2011, I’d like to have it made into a photobook keepsake. And maybe, hopefully, this can be a way people can talk about him.

I’ll be honest, I’m a tad bit scared about this. It’s asking a lot to get 365 pictures. Hopefully I can do it. With your help, that is.

To send pictures, I have a neat (I’m just using it to use it at this point) email address. That is Please include where the picture was taken. And, if you like, include anything else like your name, blog link, etc. Let me know it's OK to share it & I'll add it to the post where I share your picture.

You can start sending them ASAP. I'm hoping to launch the blog officially on January 1st.