Sunday, February 27, 2011

Day Fifty Seven: 02/26/2011

Joel with for a visit with Irene & Rylin in Seattle. :)


Day Fifty Six: 02/25/2011


Day Fifty Five: 02/24/2011


Day Fifty Four: 02/23/2011


Day Fifty Three: 02/22/2011


Day Fifty Two: 02/21/2011


Day Fifty One: 02/20/2011

From a friend & local doula, Casey.


Day Fifty: 02/19/2011

Cate from BBC brings us this one. :)


Day Forty Nine: 02/18/2011

From Scentsy consultant, Liz. :)


Thursday, February 17, 2011

Day Forty Eight: 02/17/2011

Irene, AKA superwoman for her pictures, sent this in...

These were all taken in Seattle. The first one was actually my daughter Rylin's idea (sort of) she wanted to play with them and was stacking them on her umbrella so we used some craft glue dots and stuck them on there. Apparently she was trying to remain incognito because you can't see her face in pretty much any of the pictures in which you can see the whole umbrella. The second picture is just to prove my daughter does indeed have a head, lol! The angry look on her face is because "people were smiling at her" and according to her that is unacceptable.

Thank you do both of them! We'll also have more from them in the future!


And how adorable is that face?!

Day Forty Seven: 02/16/2011

Bethany brings us cookie cutters found in an antique shop & while not all letters were there, they did have Joel.


Day Forty Six: 02/15/2011

From Becky...


Day Forty Five: 02/14/2011

From my Canadian BBF, Vicki. :)


Day Forty Four: 02/13/2011

From Amy & Kai. :) Texas got snow!


Day Forty Three: 02/12/2011

I live in Myrtle Beach, SC and I work at a technical college which is where this was drawn. I enjoyed drawing this for you, it helped keep my mind off of my own loss that was exactly 5 months ago today. I hate that we are in this journey together but at the same time I'm glad we are too. I hope that I brought a little bit of happiness to you today as I remembered Joel and my daughter Brinley. I also learned that it is hard to do graffiti art with white board markers. lol



Thank you to Heather & thoughts of Brinley.

Day Forty Two: 02/11/2011

Heather shared this...I looked at this receipt like 3 times at lunch and didn't notice it until i was getting ready to leave and then i noticed it and brought it home with me. Made my day when i noticed the name and then of course made me giggle when i noticed it said LOVE FOOD and how much you like to blog about your cooking :)


Thank you, Heather!

Day Forty One: 02/10/2011

From Monica & Johanna, the illustrator from a book.


Day Forty: 02/09/2011

From Bree & Nora, with Ella watching.


Day Thirty Nine: 02/08/2011

Thank you, Missy!


Sunday, February 6, 2011

02/07/2011 Update

Hello, peeps!

This is my random message to just let you know how much I appreciate all the submissions. I apologize for not being able to respond to each submission, but please know we appreciate & love them all.

I'm also sorry for being a lameo & not posting daily like I sat out to do. Life sometimes interferes. We're both working & have other life stuff we get busy with (I now have TWO cars in need of serious, expensive repair, anyone got an extra $1300 they want to give away?), but that's another rant for another day.

We've got around 150 pictures right now. So please keep spreading the word & sending those pictures in.


Day Thirty Eight: 02/07/2011

The pic was taken today in my backyard in Wailua, Kauai, Hawaii with my almost 3 year old daughter helping me. The flowers in his name are miniature pink hibiscus along with the red hibiscus.

I look forward to seeing everyone's submissions, and I'm sure you will be getting a lot more than the 365 you needed.

Best wishes to you and your family,


Day Thirty Seven: 02/06/2011

From my BFF Liz.

We don't have snow in Orange County, but we do have, uh, window condensation from rain. That's almost as hardcore as snow.

taken on the wee hours of Jan 2nd. That's my living room window, facing the intersection the freeway exits off of, and a huge office building. Not exactly nature but I liked it anyway. I hope you do too.


Day Thirty Six: 02/05/2011

From Torri of BBC. :)


Day Thirty Five: 02/04/2011

From Kenny...


Day Thirty Four: 02/03/2011


Amy & Kai!